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Cargobase quoting

Service quality, time and cost, are the key performance indicators of a successful procurement process. 

Companies often struggle to score points on all KPIs when it comes to spot-buy freight. Time is often cited as an excuse to
bypass a proper procurement process. 

With our automated process it doesn’t matter if you invite 1 or 10 parties to quote, the effort is the same.

A 3.14 minute 6-step quoting process

Yes, we timed it. 

Smart customizable features

 Features that can match your internal compliance processes and enrich your data analytics.

Address Book

Upload and save frequently used address and contact details.

Quote Timer

Set a timeframe for how long providers have to quote.

Validity Timer

Share with providers how long the quote should be valid for.


Only receive the notifications you’d like to receive.

Cost Allocation

Upload or enter purchase orders or cost centers.

Reason Codes

Specify the reason of the shipment to improve analytics.


Set inter-company approval levels to be compliant.


Get automated reminders to take action.


Re-use an old request and avoid double work. 


Prepare a request, save it and finish it later.


Always have access to your old requests.


Upload a long packing list to save time and reduce errors.

Compatible for all freight modes

Compare quote across freight modes.




Cargobase air freight





Your private providers party

Only work with your pre-approved pool of logistics providers. 

We understand that you don’t want to work with just any provider, but only with providers you know and trust. 

For that reason you can decide which providers you would like to add your private pool. This ensures that only pre-approved providers can be invited to quote on your shipments. 

The selection of providers can be specified per location, business unit, country or region. And we are even taking it a step further where you can define per provider what service you’d like to utilize them for. 

For example, you can set it up such that Provider X only receives requests for ocean freight shipments that originate from France. If you have an ocean freight request from Spain they would not be invited.

It is like: Click Request, Click Approve, Click Book.

Henk Bielleman, VP Global SCM

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